Brandintelle Services Pvt Ltd

Born to help organisations democratise their marketing!

democratize | verb : to make (something) accessible to the majority
Born to Help

Our Mission


Brandintelle Services Pvt Ltd (BSPL) was formed
to make detailed marketing information accessible in
real time - to select executives on a need-to-know basis,
across the organisation.

This data, when clubbed with sales & other data can
reduce delays in 'course correction'.


Our Approach


We hyper automate processes for all activities of your Marketing Department. This ensures optimum control & minimum compliance.


We build a persistent marketing analytics persistent platform. This leads to systematic approach of continuous analytics

Our Values

Respecting data privacy of our customers & business constituents.

Dealing with respect & fair play - with our customers, vendors & team members .


Promoting transparency, accountability & best practices within & without our organisation.


Our Leadership Team


The people who drive our vision

Sridhar R

Sridhar R

Partner & Advisor

27+ years career with leading advertising & media agencies with cross function leadership positions in media, commercial, finance & operations.

Biswajit Das

Biswajit Das

Founder & CEO.

Process automation for the A&M industry since 25 years.
Founded Mediaware Infotech, which has installed software in 1000+ agencies.

Robin Das

Robin Das

Co-Founder & Product Head

Product-in-charge for Brandintelle, Dataintelle. Work experience in a global IT firm.