Brandintelle Services Pvt Ltd

Born to help organisations democratise their marketing!

democratize | verb : to make (something) accessible to the majority
Born to Help

Our Story


Brandintelle was initiated as a service for extreme automation of large Marketing Depts. in 2014 by Mediaware Infotech Pvt Ltd (Mediaware). In 2016 Brandintelle was installed in Hero Motocorp Ltd and after a year of successful implementation, Hero's Marketing Dept was automated - across offices, budgets & markets. In 2017-18,Brandintelle was installed in Reckitt Benckiser India to help them manage their humongous television budgets.

During this implementation, MIPL realised that there was a crying need for persistent marketing analytics. That's when Brandintelle Services Pvt Ltd (BSPL) was formed - with the sole objective of Democratizing IT in Marketing.

Brandintelle software was enhanced to include Annual Brand Planning (Storage & Tracking), Media Deal Management & Pre vs Post Campaign Analysis. But we soon realised that there was a crying need for persistent marketing analytics.

So BSPL started building Dataintelle Services - our big data enabled marketing analytics platform. We first implemented Dataintelle big data platform with OLAP based reporting. Then we started introducing Statistical Machine Learning in Dataintelle.

Today, we are working on feeding back insights in real time into our process automation system (Brandintelle software).

Our ultimate objective is to reduce the need for marketing course corrections.


The BSPL Advantage

What sets BSPL apart from other brand solutions companies is their approach as a Private Marketing Dept Platform.

By virtue of having its roots in Mediaware, BSPL has access to the following live databases:
  • Indian Geographical Database
  • Indian Census Data
  • Indian Print Media List
  • Indian TV & Radio Channels List
  • Indian Cinema Theatre & Multiplex List
  • Indian Media Vendors List
  • Indian Non-media (BTL) Vendors List

  • BSPL is also onboarding other 3rd party applications which are useful for Marketing Depts. with a plan for integration With all of this included, BSPL offers a solutions platform for Marketing Depts.


    Our Mission


    Brandintelle Services Pvt Ltd (BSPL) was formed to make detailed marketing information accessible in real time - to select executives on a need-to-know basis, across the organisation.

    This data, when clubbed with sales & other data can reduce delays in 'course correction'.


    Our Approach


    We hyper automate processes for all activities of your Marketing Department. This ensures optimum control & maximum compliance.


    We build a persistent marketing analytics persistent platform. This leads to systematic approach of continuous analytics

    Our Values

    Respecting data privacy of our customers & business constituents.

    Dealing with respect & fair play - with our customers, vendors & team members .


    Promoting transparency, accountability & best practices within & without our organisation.