Simplify the Complex Process of Marketing

Most companies will agree that after swift decision-making, it's cross-functional collaboration which is key to reaching marketing goals. While no brand managers is against collaborating, they are comfortable operating in silos (like most of us.) With marketing budgets (& activities) clearly shooting up, there's a lot to be achieved on each 'marketing' day! And with each activity, comes a lot of data for analysis.

Clearly, the next level of Marketing Efficiency requires deeper integration of Information Technology with Marketing. That's where Brandintelle comes in.


Less Wastage, More Efficiency

With extreme process automation, your entire Marketing Department becomes more efficient, data driven, real time. Pan enterprise across budgets, across offices, across activities, across markets.

This leads to reduction in unnecessary expenditure. And pan enterprise data transparency.

Add Power To Your Marketing Dept.

Bring Analytics In Mainstream

What are the possibilities when you have real time marketing data for reporting?

Of course, you can enjoy the real benefits of dashboard reporting.

But you can also build business analytics services by combining real time marketing data with sales, market research & other data from multiple sources. For near real time analytics.


What Exactly Do We Do?

We bring Brandintellé marketing process automation to your entire Marketing Department pan enterprise across budgets, across offices, across activities, across markets.

What are the direct benefits? Achieve total control on marketing investments vis a vis latest revised budgets. Complete audit compliance. MInimise disputes with agencies & vendors. Benefit from real time reporting dashboards on marketing investments. And pan enterprise data transparency.

Evolution of Marketing

Evolution Of Marketing

Marketing Analytics

We offer dataintellé our real time data platform for reporting across multiple databases, eg. Sales & Marketing.

How does this benefit you?

Real time reporting across multiple databases is typically used for marketing course corrections.

dataintellé offers business analytics services based on multiple big data sources. Benefit? Near real time analytics.

Finally, we offer to create predefined 'metrics' and allow Brand, Marketing & Media Managers to access these from strategic points in Brandintellé process automation software - to server as a real time 'roadmap' for Marketing.


Vision 2020: Reduce the Need for Marketing Corrections

Vision 2020