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Orchestrate your marketing investments across your enterprise.

With today's business complexities, multiple markets, complex budgets & humongous options, it’s not exactly easy to manage marketing investments.
We're including Central brand marketing, Corporate marketing & PR, Regional marketing, Incentive marketing in multiple markets. Across TV, OTT, Search, Social, Digital, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Cinema, Activation & Events.

Marketing View

Of course, coordinating marketing efforts at an enterprise level would be easier if all marketing data were available in real time. But how do you achieve & ensure this on a sustainable basis?


Enter Brandintelle.
In 2014, we decided to build a marketing platform which would bring together marketing planning, marketing procure-to-pay for central & regional marketing (linked to existing CRM & ERP systems) as well as incentive marketing - all glued by a communication platform to help achieve virtual collaboration between brands & their agencies & marketing partners.


Well, here we are in 2021 with a private marketing platform called Brandintelle.
We started off by building our own communication layer as the base - which also serves as our micro -service application launcher. On top of this, we added a collaborative Planning module which promises to take you from Excel plans to Excellence in planning. (Seriously.) But what it also ensures is that all plan data resides in your enterprise database (not individual spreadsheets.)


Next we added a Marketing Procure-to-pay module designed for managing marketing & media campaigns. With a separate workflow for Central Branding & Regional Offices. (Still working on the Incentive Marketing module.)


Then we made sure that all the marketing data was available in a real time dashboard. With options to add sales, competition & other data.

And recently, we've started offering data analytics services with an idea of making insights visible in the appropriate workflow module in a persistent manner.


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