Virtual Marketing Office
Brandintelle's Virtual Marketing Office can orchestrate your marketing investments across your enterprise.

In 2014, we decided to build a marketing platform which would bring together marketing planning, marketing operations for central & regional marketing & settlement by integrating with existing CRM & ERP systems. All glued together with a communication platform to help achieve virtual collaboration between brands teams. their agencies & marketing partners.
By 2020, we had proved the efficacy with 2 running, live installations. And here we are in 2021 with our virtual marketing office offering called Brandintelle.

Marketing View

Today's business complexities, multiple markets, complex budgets & humongous options, does not make it easy to manage marketing investments across the enterprise. We include Central brand marketing, Corporate marketing & PR, Regional marketing, Incentive marketing in multiple markets. Across TV, OTT, Search, Social, Digital, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Cinema, Activation & Events....

Of course, coordinating marketing efforts at an enterprise level would be easier if all marketing data were available in real time. But how do you ensure this on a sustainable basis?


Enter Brandintelle.

Brandintelle comprises of 3 deeply interconnected modules which address the 3 basic areas of marketing:
 1. Marketing Planning - bluPrint
 2. Marketing Operations -mktgOps
 3. Marketing Insights - mInsight
All 3 modules reside on an underlying collaborative platform with an AI engine at the heart.


First, we designed a collaborative system for Marketing Planning. The idea was to replace the current collaboration method of emails & spreadsheets with a sophisticated software tool which not only was as easy as emailing spreadsheets but promoted virtual collaboration & team management - from the initial version to the post activity KPIs achieved.


Next we added a Marketing Operations automation module designed for managing marketing & media campaigns, activities, content & all other expenses. With a dedicated workflow for Central Branding & Regional Offices.


Then we made sure that all the marketing data was available in a real time dashboard. With options to add sales, competition & other data.

And recently, we've started offering data analytics services with an idea of making insights visible in the appropriate workflow module in a persistent manner.


Interested? Want to take a test drive?

Contact for a quick test drive followed by a POC exercise, if you like.


Watch the Brandintelle video.