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We help minimize gaps between your Marketing, Finance & Sales.

We reduce the need for marketing course corrections.
Add Power To Your Marketing Dept.

Reduce the Need for Marketing Course Corrections
By Delivering Marketing Insights When Making Decisions


Whether you are an auto major or you are into FMCG/CPG,BFSI or teleco, retail or health, it's likely that you are generating huge volumes of data based on your marketing investments & activities. This invariably poses two challenges:

1. Process automation in Marketing Departments A continuous slew of promising new options and the constantly changing performance of existing options brings its own complexities. Add the fact that marketing is directly affected by sales performance. And the competition. All this must be handled by process automation software which 'understands' marketing. And brings transparency & compliance.


2. Data Anaytics & Management for Marketing Once all marketing processesare automated, there's a huge volume of data available on marketing investments. This is clubbed with sales data, retail data, online digital data, viewership data, census data, etc. to form a Marketing Investments Database. This data needs to be periodically inspected statistically for trends, correlations, clusters. And suitable machine-learning models applied to generate deep insights for marketing course corrections.

3.Reduce the Need for Marketing Course Corrections And when these insights are made available in near real-time to decision makers in marketing, it reduces the need for making marketing course corrections.

Our Products
brandintelle Dashboard
Intelligent Process Automation.
We bring end-to-end process automation to Marketing Dept.

    Plan & Track Campaign KPIs

    Authorise Activities online

    Monitor & Verify Marketing Activities

    One touch Bill passing

    Real-time Reporting

How to reduce the delays in course corrections to near real time.

    Analyze Competition Data with your data.

    Derive Insights About Your Marketing Strategy

    Draw Correlations, make Inferences & Attributions

    Apply Existing Algorithms on New Data

    Add New Algorithms on Old Data

Dataintelle Dashboard

Immediate Benefits


Increased efficiency with process automation.

Real Time Control & Visibility on your Spends

KPI tracking with data driven course correction

Reap benefits by linking with your existing environment


Ongoing Benefits


Best practices & Audit Compliance

Build your own Marketing Database

Persistent Marketing Analytics & Intelligence

One platform for all your marketing needs